littleBits SMART Home Kit - Elon Three
littleBits SMART Home Kit - Elon Three
littleBits SMART Home Kit - Elon Three
littleBits SMART Home Kit - Elon Three

LittleBits SMART Home Kit

Meet the littleBits Smart Home Kit that will upgrade your home and bring it into the 21st century. Get ready to transform any object in your home into a smart device by turning any household object into an internet-connect device.

You can build up to 13+ inventions included in the kit and create and control DIY Smart Home inventions. This kit has everything you need to upgrade the stuff you own by connecting it to the internet. Automate your curtains to open at sunrise, make a remote controlled pet feeder or a toilet paper inventory!

  • Learn basic electronics and STEM principles
  • Be an inventor and build creative confidence
  • Form foundations of design and critical thinking
  • Modules snap together with magnet (no soldering, wiring or programming)
  • Easy-to-make step by step invention guidebook
  • Reusable and works with other littleBits module and kit
  • Automate with IFTTT to connect with any web service (FB, Gmail, Twitter) or hardware (NEST, Philips HUE)

1 Year Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty

What’s in the box: 14 X Bits (1 bright led, 1 button, 1 cloudBit, 1 IR transmitter, 1 light sensor, MP3 Player, number, servo, sound trigger, split, synth speaker, temperature sensor, threshold, usb power), 12 X Accessory (1 AC switch, 2 mounting board, 1 screwdriver, 1 Servo Accessories, 6 shoes, 1 USB power adapter + cable), 1 X Invention guidebook with 13+ projects



To use the LittleBits Smart Home Kit you will need a step-down transformer to connect it the AC Switch to Singapore electric outlet (power socket). 

The AC Switch in the Smart Home Kit is designed for US electrical outlets (110V-120V) and is not compatible with Singapore electrical outlet (220V-240V) . Do not plug this into a local electrical outlet without a step-down transform. This is an electrical hazard that will damage your appliances or equipment. Any resulting damage is not cover under warranty.

Kindly note that 2 pin or 3 pin plug adaptor is not a transformer. Here are examples of step-down transformers at Lazada (no endorsement implied for any devices listed in the link).