Parrot Mambo Fly
Parrot Mambo Fly
Parrot Mambo Fly
Parrot Mambo Fly
Parrot Mambo Fly


Parrot Mambo Fly

Solo or in a team, it’s time to head off on a combat mission Parrot Airborne Night Mambo mission. Speed or skill races, acrobatic challenges or tricks take on any aerial combat. Attach the cannon to your Parrot Mambo to target your opponents’ drones or try games of skills such as firing at a pyramid of beakers or bringing down light-weight targets. Or transport love letter to using the grabber attachment. 

Join the drone revolution and learn coding with your drone. Programme your drone by prototyping the transportation of light-weight goods, collection of data around your neighbourhood or solve humanitarian work by delivering food through drones. Now you can teach and learn coding and problem solving skills!

  • Cannon and grabber specific feature
  • 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope
  • Vertical stabilisation with ultrasound and pressure sensor
  • VGA mini camera (480x640)
  • Bluetooth V4.0 BLE connection
  • Up to 9 minutes of flying time, recharges in 30 minutes (removable 550mAh battery)
  • Learn coding with your drones
  • Compatible with iOS and Android

* Free Flight Mini app to control your drone from your smart devices

1 Month Local (Singapore) Warranty

What’s in the box: Parrot Mambo, 4 X Hulls, Battery, USB cable, Clip, Quickstart guide