Up Box+ 3D Printer
Up Box+ 3D Printer
Up Box+ 3D Printer
Up Box+ 3D Printer
Up Box+ 3D Printer

Up Box+ 3D Printer

Up Box+ 3D printer is an extended version of the Up Box. As an upgrade from the previous model, UP BOX+ packs in new features such as WiFi and iOS support for untethered and mobile printing. It also has an improved, modular extruder for easy installation and blackout recover so you can resume your print after a power outrage.

This powerful and high quality 3D printer offers huge build space and excellent software. The Up Box+ is a high-end 3D printer for serious users who need to produce large, high-quality prints.

  • High printing quality with up to 100 micron layer thickness
  • Built-in HEPA filtration system to reduce 3D printer air emissions and provide healthy and safe 3D printing environment
  • Black-out/resume function, when power is cut or printer powered down mid-print, UP Studio will have ability to resume
  • Auto-pause upon filament run-out detection
  • WiFi connection, enabling better user control of the 3D printer via mobile apps
  • Better filament support with adopted bigger filament reel up to 1kg and support 3D party’s filament

12 Months Limited Local (Singapore) Warranty

90 Days for Extruder Head

What’s in the box: UP Box+, 500kg spool of ABS filament (1.75mm), Power supply and cable, 2 X Up Flex 250 print board, 2 X Cell board for UP Box+, Quickstart guide, 1kg filament cover & 1kg filament holder to support bigger filament reel, Tool kit (calibration card, up flex tips, USB cable, spare nozzle & nozzle wrench, gloves, scrapers, piers, micro SD card & card reader, hex wrench & spare screws)

*Images used are for illustration. The exterior model will include Up Box+ logo with the latest specification and features. Drop us a note via email or chat to arrange an onsite demo.