Up Mini 2 3D Printer
Up Mini 2 3D Printer
Up Mini 2 3D Printer
Up Mini 2 3D Printer

Up Mini 2 3D Printer

Everyone’s favourite little desktop 3D printer, the Up Mini 2 has been upgraded with new features like controlling the printer through WiFi, HEPA filtration system, touch screen control and resume on power outrage! Up Mini 2 is now capable of reducing exposure to particle emissions with the built-in HEPA filtration system, auto-leveling and auto height detection, improved printing resolution of 0.15mm per layer.

The Up Mini 2 packs a powerful punch while still remaining affordable and easy to use. With a small footprint, it is an ideal workhorse for beginner who requires a speedy, portable and easy to use 3D printer.  

  • Touch screen control to provide better used experience
  • Power failure protection mode to resume print from where the last print stopped due to power failure
  • Fully automatic nozzle height detection and software assisted leveling for easier startup
  • Built-in HEPA air filtration that reduce 3D printing air emissions
  • Aluminum handle and separate spool container with build-in toolbox

12 Months Limited Local (Singapore) Warranty

90 Days for Extruder Head  

What’s in the box: Up Mini 2, Up fila station, Up Mini 2 extruder v.1, Power supply and cable, 2 X Up flex 120 print board, 2 X Cellboard for Up Mini, 500g spool of ABS filament (1.75mm), Sample filament for ABS, ABS+ and PLA (50g for each type), Quickstart guide, (calibration card, filament guide tube, USB cable, spare nozzle & nozzle wrench, gloves, pliers, hex wrench & spare screws)

*Drop us a note via email or chat to arrange an onsite demo.